• Project : Connecting the Connected Lab Day 

    Client : Ogilvy Group

    About : The lines between our physical and digital worlds are now becoming ever-more blurred and this is set to continue with the rapid proliferation of connected objects and devices. However… the Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a trend, it’s here today in tools you’re already using and it will drive trillions of pounds in economic value as it continues to permeate business and consumers lives. But what does this mean for brands?  This was the first Lab Day i had ever compleatley curated, with a team of 11 people we pulled together speakers, Exibitors and technologys to explore the space!

  • Project : Last Call

    Client : British Airways

    About : In partnership with Ogilvy PR  and BA we experimented with eight-inch replicas of seven bloggers to build awareness for its Last Call fares.
    For this project we collaborated with the bloggers, Ogilvy PR , 3D Printshow and Quod, a 3-D printing company based in London, to print avatars of the bloggers for their mini-adventures.
    We then took the replicas of the bloggers around the world , taking pictures of them at famous landmarks to then instergram back to the bloggers.


  • Project : London Sizzle reel 

    Client : Ogilvy Labs

    About : Since 2010 Ogilvy Labs had not updated its showreel with its current work. Over the past 4 years the London Labs had evoloved its offering compaired to the Global network, We needed to convay the various elements that make up the London Lab.
    We took a step back to see what was the various parts and work the lab had evolvlved into. We then briefed a lab partner to produce a 2014 Sizzle reel to convay this using our direction. 


  • Project : Power of Cute

    Client : Greenwich Council 

    About : After the London Riots of 2011, anti-social behaviour persisted in the Greenwich area. Greenwich Council needed to stop the problem minority from destroying their community. The metal security shutters on the shops were being vandalised. 

    Research told us that pictures of babies faces triggers caring behaviour in adults. So we turned the inhuman metal sheets into portraits of Greenwich babies. As the shops shut at night the metal shutters came down to reveal the babies. The shutters have remained totally untouched by vandalism since the day they were painted and local residents say their community feels much safer.

  • Project : Behavioural Change Lab Day

    Client : Ogilvy Group

    About : As part of our 12th Lab Day event held at Ravensbourne College we partnerd with #OgilvyChange team by pulling together some of the countries leading Behavioural and Web Psychologists to debate the vast leaps being made in behavioural psychology and neuroscience and what these new discoveries mean for the communications industry.
    Topics discussed on the day included practical steps brands can take to benefit from the insights being unearthed by Behavioural Economics and how Ogilvy's Rory Sutherland, Jez Groom and others have been busy applying Behavioural Economics to influence behaviour change.


  • Project : 3D Printing Trophies

    Client : IBM Wimbildon

    About : In partnership with Ogilvy One and IBM the Labs wanted to explore the possibility of 3D Printing in Advertising. We consepted, prototyped, developed and exicuted the project leading up to Wimbildon 2013.
    The IBM Kiosk at Wimbledon is combining in-match player statistics with social media sentiment on the competitors to provide a regularly updated leaderboard ranking the tournament’s stars. The IBM Kiosk staff then use cutting-edge 3D printers to produce a specially designed trophy for the leading player every 20 minutes.

  • Project : Big Data Lab Day

    Client : Ogilvy Group

    About : As part of our 11th semester of learning  that take place twice a year in order to educate and inspire staff and clients so they have a deeper knowledge on the chosen topic. we decided to explore the power of Big data and what does it mean to both our clients and there customers
    The day is run conference style with leading industry experts presenting and joining panels. In the twelve weeks leading up to the Lab day, the team meets as many relevant companies as possible to find the perfect fit for these new partners to join the exhibitor area on the day.

  • Project : Measure Pleasure

    Client : Beyond Dark

    About : Ogilvy Labs worked with Ogilvy One and chocolate brand Beyond Dark, Who wanted to differentiate itself and take a bigger share of the UK dark chocolate market. Instead of claiming that they were the most pleasurable chocolate, they wanted to prove it.
    The team at Ogilvy collaborated with mind detecting company Myndplay who we had met at IBC andpartnerd with. Decided to create a scale for measuring pleasure. Volunteers were asked to wear brain wave analysing Myndplay headsets whilst undertaking a number of tests including; blowing bubbles, stroking puppies and eating dark chocolate including Beyond Dark’s brand. Through Myndplay technology, it could be shown that Beyond Dark’s chocolate scored more highly on the pleasure algorithm than that of its competitors.

  • Project : Storytelling Lab Day

    Client : Ogilvy Group

    About : Storytelling was the topic of Ogilvy & Mather UK's 10th Digital Lab day. Check out highlights from the day - including the speakers, the exhibitors and the beautiful Ravensbourne College venue. All part of #LTF2012.

  • Project : Retail Lab Day

    Client : Ogilvy Labs

    About : For our 9th Lab Day we partnerd with OgilvyAction who has a wide range of expertise in digital shopper marketing. This immersive shopping journey gave guests the chance to experience today's most relevant shopper technologies first hand, as we travelled around the home, through the world of social and a range of in store retail environments.