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Extra Stuff

We are more than the jobs that we do.

Outside of the day job I’m involved in a number of extracurricular groups and communities, giving me an opportunity to learn from outside my comfort zone and share my learnings with others.

I have been incredibly lucky to meet a broad range of truly inspiring individuals and companies that have helped me grow and shape my career.

To that, I’m passionate about doing the same for others and facilitate connecting the dots between interesting, diverse and true challengers in the industry!

Innovation Social

Innovation Social is an affiliation of innovation leaders from agency, brand and startup worlds who believe that innovation will disrupt UK business for the better. Its purpose is to accelerate innovative thinking.

Voice 2

Voice2 is the UK’s leading VoiceFirst community, founded by James Poulter and Will Harvey in 2018 to bring together practitioners from across the industry to drive the Voice and Conversational AI industry forward.

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