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Ripples™ is a pioneering bev-top media platform that helps the Food & Beverage, Hospitality, and Event Management industries turn an ordinary drink into an innovative canvas by printing images and messages on foam.

Building on the Relationship that kicked off in 2018 We have worked with the ripples team on producting a number of branded machines and showcased the technology at over 60+ events across various campaigns.

Today’s stream of digital communication is increasingly crowded, so Guinness and Ripples have partnered up to move the brand-consumer conversation to an engaging new platform that cuts through the noise — beverage tops.

With bev-top media, pints of Guinness become an innovative canvas for delighting customers with personalized messages and images. Case in point:  the Stoutie, a selfie printed atop the perfect foam of a Guinness pint.

Guinness beer foam provides an exceptionally smooth canvas for printing Ripples’ high-resolution images and these fun Stouties give Guinness fans yet another great reason to love their classic beer