Contagious Lab Day Article

Posted by on 21 September 2014

Following on from our hugly sucessfull Lab Day we were very excited to see Contagious thoughts on the Day 

Ogilvy Lab Day - Connecting the Connected

Posted by on 11 September 2014

The lines between our physical and digital worlds are now becoming ever-more blurred and this is set to continue with the rapid proliferation of connected objects and devices. However… the Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a trend, it’s here today in tools you’re already using and it will drive trillions of pounds in economic value as it continues to permeate business and consumers lives. But what does this mean for brands? They need to start preparing themselves for these changes by working with new technologies and gearing up for a more connected world.

The Future, Curated for you - Interactive Trend report app V2

Posted by on 26 May 2014

Ogilvy Labs has spent the past three years absorbing the latest and greatest insights from the world of tech and marketing and distilling it all 

Developer Lab - Whearable Pannel

Posted by on 30 April 2014

As part of the larger Deloper Lab confrence at Level 39 i was part of pannell discussing the place Whearables have in the Retail space 

Ogilvy UK Website

Posted by on 15 April 2014

As part re-freshing Ogilvy UK's webite  to an adaptive site,  Ogilvy Labs were given the optunity to have a specialist devision page 

3D Print Conference Talk

Posted by on 3 April 2014

Following up from Last years 3D printing campign with IBM I was asked present our highly successful marketing and PR initiative, where IBM worked with Ogilvy and 3D Printshow to deliver a cross-platform integrated media solution for sharing the results and social media standing of players in realtime, using 3D printing.

Ogilvy Labs Website goes Live

Posted by on 12 March 2014

After 5 Years of Labs in London we are very excited to launch our own deadicated website

Sell or Else Feature - CES2014

Posted by Ogilvy on 29 January 2014

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OgilvyOne London’s Digital Labs presents a comprehensive report about this year’s Consumer Electronic Show that took place in Las Vegas. For the third year in a row, the London Labs attended the show with an aim to scan, scope out and bring back the latest and most exciting technologies and trends that will have most impact in the ever-expanding business and consumer technology market. These findings help inform the predictions we make for our clients about potential future commercial application, and the potential use of those trends within the Marketing and Communication space.

Women Shift Digital - Professional Panel share their expertise

Posted by on 26 November 2013

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A collective reflection on the positive impacts women are making in digital-led careers. Represented in this conference today are creatives, managers and executives, working with the digital in education, creative industries, business, design, STEM, skills development and the arts. Here we have upfront inputs on the present scenario from experienced leaders and professionals working across the technology sector, with a debate on how to increase the essential involvement of women in the digital future world of work.

Decoded Testimonial

Posted by on 12 June 2013

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As part of my contuning relasionship with Decoded and attending a number of workshps I was asked to provide a Testimonial for my experiance with the team for Code in a Day!